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Game Development

Here lies a small collection of games and projects that I have developed, either in a team or individually. The entire list can be found on my profile.


A Short 2D Platformer

In this short 2D platformer, you play as Sir Dedric, who after the ravaging of his kingdom by a relentless force of savage creatures, has been sent to find the source of the evil before it destroys the kingdom. After many months of journeying through ancient and forgotten lands, Sir Dederic approaches the end of his quest…

Fight ancient creatures and journey through long-forgotten lands as you seek out the source of all evil creatures that have been attacking your home. Hack and slash your way through different creatures until you finally meet Zelos, the long-forgotten protector of the creatures you have been sent to slay.

This game was developed as a final project while studying at SAE Institute Brisbane.

Unreciprocated Icon Card.png

An interactive, autobiographical novel.

Unreciprocated is an interactive visual novel that outlines the life and experiences of a person who is struggling to balance the problems of others and their own mental state and the choices that this forces them to make. It is a biographical game based on experiences and feelings that I have had in the past.

This project was an individual piece developed while at SAE Institute in the span of three weeks.

This game features and explores mental health issues such as depression, crippling anxiety and body dysmorphia. If you are struggling with any of these issues please reach out and seek help from professionals. 

A short list of help line numbers:
Lifeline (Australia) - 13 11 14
Helpline (USA) - (305) 296-4357
Crisis Service (Canada) - 1.833.456.4566
Helpline (United Kingdom) - 01708 765200


A 3D AI Experiment

Creature Feature is an experiment/prototype with GOAP (Goal Orientated Action Planning) AI.

Creature Feature was a collaboration with several other programmers to create an environment with several unique procedurally generated biomes and AI characters.

I created a Lava Environment with rock golems that seek to defend their environment from attack or intrusion.

Screenshot 2020-10-15 195125.png

This game is inspired by Bob Ross and the classic Atari game, Avalanche.

Painting With Rain is a mix of Bob Ross with the classic Atari game Avalanche. Painting With Rain was a individual project developed over the course of a week and a half.


This project was developed in my first year at SAE Institute. 

There is no fail condition within PWR, the player may choose when they are done playing, the player will be able to save a screenshot of their artwork when they have finished playing.


Grab a buddy and help each other out!

Fwiendship is a two player couch co-op, 2.5D puzzle and platforming game developed for Android devices.

It was developed over the course of a month.

I was the lead programmer and covered the majority of the programming including but not limited to:

  • Enemy AI.

  • Enemy Pathfinding.

  • Input systems.

  • Scene and Game Management.

Fwiendship was developed by Myself, Liam Wolfenden and two audio students at SAE Institute.


Play as a stranded cowboy in the wild wild west.

A Desert of Ghosts is a single player wild west game that is a cross between an action game and a walking simulator. 


You play as a Cowboy who's horse has run off, leaving him stranded in the desert with no supplies. Stranded, the player experiences the cowboy's final moments as he becomes more and more dehydrated, eventually collapsing.

A Desert of Ghosts was a group project, throughout the development I worked on:

  • UI interactions.

  • Game and Event Management.

  • Screen efects.

  • Core Systems.

Screenshot 2021-08-29 215307.png
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