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2D Side Scrolling Action Game

In this short 2D platformer, you play as Sir Dedric, who after the ravaging of his kingdom by a relentless force of savage creatures, has been sent to find the source of the evil before it destroys the kingdom. After many months of journeying through ancient and forgotten lands, Sir Dederic approaches the end of his quest…

Fight ancient creatures and journey through long-forgotten lands as you seek out the source of all evil creatures that have been attacking your home. Hack and slash your way through different creatures until you finally meet Zelos, the long-forgotten protector of the creatures you have been sent to slay.

This game was developed with a small team as a final project while studying at SAE Institute Brisbane.

Project Details:


Project Type:

  • Group Project

Project Release Status:

  • Released


Roles Within Project:

  • Designer

    • Conceptualised, documented, and researched the project.

  • Programmer*

    • Implemented Auto Tiling System for tile mapping and level creation.

    • Created a character controller.

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