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Auto Biographical Visual Novel

Unreciprocated is an interactive visual novel that outlines the life and experiences of a person who is struggling to balance the problems of others and their own mental state and the choices that this forces them to make.

Unreciprocated is a biographical game based on experiences and feelings that I have had in the past. It focuses on raising awareness to social issues regarding mental health within young people. 


All of the situations are centered around real conversations and topics.

Project Details:


Project Type:

  • Solo Project

Project Release Status:

  • In Development

Roles Within Project:

  • Designer

    • Concepted the project.

    • Wrote narrative.

    • Designed UI.

    • Created UI Assets.

    • Designed Sound Elements.

  • Programmer

    • Created Dialogue System using Fungus.

    • Implemented custom commands through the Fungus utility.

    • Programmed all UI interactions.

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